1 Timothy 4

We begin unpacking the 4th chapter of 1 Timothy with the humbling recognition that, spiritually, we are all sheep who can be led astray. We turn to James 3 for guidelines for protecting ourselves against our sheep nature. Finishing this section of Timothy, we see that, in the spiritual realm, our way of teaching is as important as the message, itself. Moving on, we tackle topics including the demonic, asceticism, joy, kosher food, Yeshua as Savior of all and especially the Believer, and the public reading of Scripture.

Visuals:  1 Timothy 4.pdf

Medios Visuales:  1 Timoteo 4.pdf

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  1. by donna jeffries

    On February 26, 2020

    I am not sure about the sabbaths during Passover. Can you clear this up for me?

    thank you so much

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