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Genesis 46

Smaller topics in this Torah Project teaching include a unique “poetic” connection between the lives of Jacob and Joseph, the question of why Jacob may have been reluctant to go down to Egypt, the symbolism of Egypt, a small verse in Genesis 46 that hints at Israel’s entire history (including the nation’s restoration through Yeshua), […]

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Genesis 45

We begin this Torah Project teaching by exploring the Hebrew root for the word “book,” “s-p-r,” using an ancient Jewish approach for engaging the Scriptures described in a new book “Reading the Bible with Rabbi Jesus” by Lois Tverberg. This brief word study brings us to a link between the gem sapphire and Yeshua’s road […]

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Genesis 38

NOTE: This post was corrected on February 14th, 2018. The audio file and visuals that appeared here prior to that date were from a previous teaching done in 2010. (Oops!) In this Torah project teaching, we discover a chapter that does not seem to belong in the narrative. In fact, if it was not there […]

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Jim Gergon – Crossing Over

Join us for a heart-wrenching story of “crossing over” as pastor Jim Gergon shares his life journey. It is a story of a deep darkness that God masterfully floods with healing light by leading Jim time and again to the edge of the river and giving the choice: “Are you willing to cross over again?” […]

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Genesis 43b-44

This Torah Project teaching begins by looking back to an interesting message contained within Genesis 43 verse 30. We find there the biblical Hebrew word that comes closest to our English word “emotion,” “nic’meru,” from the root “comer.” This amazing root yields a collection of meanings that, together, form a deeply instructive picture of the […]

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