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Dr. Jeff Johnson – 2020

                  Visuals: Psalm 91.pdf

Q&A: Rapture & End Times

                  Visuals: Rapture and End Times.pdf

Steve Meeks: Praying the Tabernacle

                  Visuals: Praying the Tabernacle.pdf

Q&A: Words and the Word  
Q&A: Matters of Conscience  
Q&A: The Messianic Life  
Titus Part 1 – Ben Alger  
Titus Part 2 – Ben Alger  
Titus Part 3 – Ben Alger  
Hidden Wounds – Joe Swann  
Vayeitzei – Steve Meeks  
Thoughts on Joshua – Nate Gurnish  
Spiritual Leadership – Brad Moore  
Liturgy: Odyssey of the Mind – Tim Pell  
Liturgy: Odyssey of the Mind 2 – Tim Pell  
Baptism-A Biblical Perspective  
The Torah Cycle – Tim Pell & Ben Alger  
6 Elem. Principles – Part 4  
6 Elem. Principles – Part 3  
6 Elem. Principles – Part 2  
6 Elem. Principles – Part 1  
Bible Study Rule #2 and Proverbs Intro  
Bible Study Rule #1  
Beth Tikkun: Core Beliefs  
Beth Tikkun: Past, Present, & Future  
Discipleship, Mentoring, & the Lord’s Table – David Hargrave  
Israel Today Ministries – Dr. Jeff Johnson  
Jim Gergon – Crossing Over  
I Also Send You – David Hargrave  
Q&A 2017 (Part-3)  
Hospitality – Dan Remark  
Q&A 2017 (Part-2)  
Q&A 2017 (Part-1)  
Spiritual Gardening  
Lessons in Jewish Prayer (1)  
Lessons From the Shema  
He Who Thinks He Stands  
Preparing Spiritual Food  
Discipleship: Dealing With Doubt  
A Call to Discipleship  
A journey Through Crisis (Rob Horger)  
Trip to South Africa 2016  
The Walt Malick Story  
The Apocalypse (Part 1)  
The Apocalypse (Part 2)  
The Apocalypse (Part 3)  
Our Living God – The Savior of All  
Our Living God – The Savior of All (Pt.2)  
Our Living God – The Savior of All (Pt.3)  
Trip To Israel 2010  
Temple Mount 2011  
Our Wonder Working God  
Q&A – Evangelism  
Q&A – Righteousness  
Q&A – Jude  
Q&A – God’s Name & Covenants  
Q&A – Prayer  
Q&A – Prophecy  
Q&A – A Balanced Mind  
Ariel Berkowitz – August 2012  
Beth Tikkun: Our History & Practice  
Prayer (Part 1)  
Prayer (Part 2)  
Prayer (Part 3)  
Personal Prayer  
The Moedim  
2 Peter 1  
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