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  1. by Tracy Jackson

    On November 13, 2014

    Just FYI since I know you read Rabbi David Fohrman he taught a segment on his series that Kayin killing Hevel was not the first “murder.” No one had died before….it was not pre-meditated which is what murder is. He struck his brother in his anger at God and Hevel died. Kayin was punished severely to become a wanderer in the land. R.Fohrman says this is WHY we see God set up cities of Refudge for accidental killings in Num. 35:9-15. So anyone who accidentally kills someone like Kayin killed Hevel will not be a wanderer, but have somewhere to go.

    He also says that Kayin’s sin was in his answer to God about Hevel’s where abouts. That’s when he gets smart-alecy and gets himself in trouble.

    Anyway I thought that went along with your sermon and the lady in the room was close.

    Also I personally think God TOLD Adam & Chavah how & when to scrifice, because we SEE Hevel bringing “the firstborn,” “a lamb,” AND “all the fat!” That is very specific to the requirements in Torah. So Kayin knew better, and offered something from the cursed ground from his own work. Like you’ve taught before Sheep reproduce sheep, not the Shepherd. God creates the sheep, but Kayin offered the work of his hands.

    I can’t wait to get to watch the DVD’s of what REALLY happened in the Millinal Kingdom! Blessings.

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