Matthew 12c

Join Beth Tikkun as we continue our study in Matthew’s gospel. In this study we use Yeshua’s words concerning the demonic as a springboard to consider the dynamics of the spiritual worlds of light and darkness. This teaching is actually an invitation to undertake a personal study of this subject, and the Visuals provide passages of Scripture for that purpose. This is one one of the most important (and vast) topics we will cover in Matthew.

Visuals: Matthew 12c

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  1. by Ellen de Winnaar

    On August 4, 2015

    Wow interesting. Repentence goes hand in hand with tears for me. I travail sometimes without knowing why – I just pray when this happens. and often i find myself wailing for the sins of people close to me, living in sin without even realising what theyre doing.
    That sadness is rooted in pride is a new revelation to me. Thank you for the enlightenment. I will look at this with discernment.

  2. by Ellen de Winnaar

    On August 4, 2015

    And of course, I will go study those Scriptures that you have given and meditate on it. Thank you for your hand work !
    Travailing is much deeper than sadness ive always looked at it as a “language” a call to pray. Do you have any teaching on it?

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