Shelach, Korach 2018-19

We tackle two Torah portions this week, Shelach and Korach. In Shelach, we ask the question, “What does it mean that our enemies are our bread?” gleaning important lessons about spiritual food and enemies. In portion Korach, we touch on the dangers of making Christian “celebrities,” and we dig into the text via the names of the leaders of Korah’s rebellion. Lastly, we explore how God is speaking through the blossom, bud, and almonds of Aaron’s staff.

Visuals: Shelach-Korach 2018-19.pdf

Medios Visuales: Shelaj-Kóraj 2018-19.pdf

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  1. by Sandy

    On September 20, 2022

    One day at a time, one moment of many, one step in His love as we walk the path He has set before us. In obedience we love Him back for all He has done within and through us! May we eat of the Bread, drink of the Water of life and bask in the Son… as we sit, walk, stand and run this race to His glory.. that’s spiritual nourishment . It’s a relief to know it’s not up to me how things turn out. I’m only called to be obedient! I don’t have to fix it! I am to ‘taste and see’…
    Thank you Grant as always! I will be listening again… this time with the notes.

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