Shemini 2018-19

We tackle two main topics in this year’s portion Shemini teaching: the mysterious deaths of Nadav and Avihu and God’s dietary laws. In the first part of the teaching, we answer the question of why it is that Nadav and Avihu are struck dead by God when another pair of Aaron’s sons, Elazar and Itamar, also “innovate” in their priestly service but are not disciplined at all. Regarding the holy diet, we look at several often misunderstood passages in the Apostolic Scriptures pertaining to this important topic.

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  1. by Hugo Gotze

    On April 18, 2020

    Lev. 10:9. Is there a time period ever mentioned before serving in the temple or to people when strong drink is prohibited? As far as I know only a Nazarene was never allowed to consume strong drink.

  2. by L. Grant Luton

    On April 19, 2020

    Other than the Nazirite (not Nazarene), priests were also commanded not to partake of strong drink while serving in the Tabernacle. However, in Genesis 9 we read the account of Noah becoming drunk and how the world was impacted by the ensuing events. So that is a pretty strong warning about the dangers of strong drink. But, other than theses, the instructions concerning the Nazirite are the first places prohibitions against strong drink are found.

  3. by Joseph

    On April 19, 2020

    Brother Grant,Thank you for the wonderful Torah teachings and revelation I receive from you. I am also from South African living in Van der Bijl Park not far from Kroonstad.
    I am also on the Torah road for about three years now.I do realise how much we have missed because of not living and preaching the Torah – the Word – from Aleph to Tav.
    I have for a long time now this burning desire to know the truth about the Eternal’s Name. The Bible scholars says that “God” is a Baal deity name. In Excodus 3:14 Yahuah reveals His Name as I AM. As before as Yahuah.
    If it is wrong and the Jewish Bible declared “God” is a false god, why do some many preachers and Christians still use this name instead of the Jewish sacred Name of YaHUaH. I am using YHVH as I want to honor and worship Him as the only true Elohim.
    I am seeking the truth and as YaHUaH is His Name I do not want to dishonour our Father and His Name.
    Can you please help me? And am I wrong if I believe in my heart to worship and praise Adonai YaHUaH by His Jewish Names and in my intimate relationship, because in verses 15-16 HE said this is MY Name forever.
    Thank you beloved brother for your ways of giving the of Abba Father’s Word
    I realise how much we miss not knowing Hebrew and its meaning and were robbed so much.
    Regards and Love,
    Be Blessed as come in the Name of Yahshuah. Amein

  4. by L. Grant Luton

    On April 21, 2020

    Joseph, Thank you so much for your comment and question. It is evident that you are truly seeking the truth and that you desire to approach the Almighty with a sincere heart, so I will try to answer your question as best I can.

    First, we must understand that the word “God” is not a “Baal deity name”. I don’t know who the scholars are that you refer to, but I can assure you that ‘scholars’ who teach such things are not scholars at all. “God” is an English word, and if the speaker and the listener agree on who the God is to whom they are referring, then it is a perfectly fine word to use. Beware of scholars who try to make you feel guilty for speaking your own language.

    Second, no one (not even the scholars) know for sure how God’s name – YHVH – is pronounced. There are hundreds of possible pronunciations! So, maybe “YaHUaH” is correct, but probably not.

    Third, God’s name – YHVH – is a verb. This is extremely important to understand. The Hebrew letters that comprise “YHVH” are the letters that spell the Hebrew words for “to be”. Hence, though we do not know how to pronounce His name with our lips, we can pronounce His name with our lives. I know that we are commanded to proclaim God’s name, but if just saying His name is all that it takes, we could teach parrots to proclaim it. But since God’s name is a verb, we proclaim His name through our actions, that is something you cannot teach a parrot!

    Fourth, we must understand that spiritually a name is not just a label; it expresses the essence of a person or thing. In Exodus 6:3 we find God telling Moses, “…I appeared to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, as El Shaddai, but by Me name – YHVH – I did not make Myself known to them.” This very strange when know that Abrham, Isaac, and Jacob all knew the name YHVH and used it! How can God say that He did not make Himself known to them by this name? What God is telling Moses is that they did not know Him as He was about to reveal Himself to the nation of Israel. Though the Patriarchs knew the name YHVH, it would be Moses’ generation that would come to know the essence of that name when God redeemed them from Egypt. Abraham knew God personally (after all, Abraham is called God’s friend) and so did Moses. But Moses was about to know God in a way that Abraham did not. He was about to experience God’s redemptive power and grace that had never been displayed by God before.

    Fifth, the first name of God revealed in the Torah – Elohim – is not really a name at all. It is a title. It is used throughout the first chapter of Genesis. The English word God is its equivalent. (This is an over simplification, but good enough for now.) In the Greek Scriptures, the word Theos is used, which means the same thing as ‘God’. Theos is also the word Paul used consistently in his writings, and it is the word the Gospel writers used to translate Yeshua’s references to God.

    Sixth, There is no record in the Gospels of Yeshua ever speaking God’s name YHVH. I cannot overemphasize the importance of this. If Yeshua is our rabbi, then we should follow His example.

    Joseph, I could go on with several additional points, but I hope these will suffice. I know you want to honor God and express your love for Him by doing the right thing, and I am sure that you will. So, think about these points and continue to study the Scriptures on this topic, but always remember that a name is not just a label, it is the essence of a thing or person. This is why God often changes a person’s name in the Bible; it is to match the name with the essence of the individual. So, let’s proclaim God’s name through our lives and actions. This is the best and safest way to fulfill the commandment.

    Shalom, Grant

  5. by Elih

    On April 9, 2021

    Dear Grant. This is my first time I listen to you. Thank you so much. Just a question. I’m working in “christians” home. They are normal people. I’ve gotten used to “rest” (do shabbath) for some years now and my body mind soul know when Sabbath starts. They don’t keep the sabbath. In the beginning it upset me but a month into the job this is it I told myself not to be religious funding the fault with myself. My question actually us how do I handle it. I don’t get of especially in Saturdays yes we take it easier but I still have duties. It buggs me how do I handle it. Also I had to cook pork steaks for them which I’ve never done before. I’ve learned not to be to religious sometimes you have to get the calf out if the pit, then why dies this bugg me. I’ve come a long way in my walk with Abba Father, those 3things you mentioned was so confirming, yet do I just say oh well let me just do as I’m told and work on my sabbath day. I started going back to church on Sunday just to be in the gathering of believers. Where does one draw the line. Elih

  6. by L. Grant Luton

    On April 12, 2021

    [private reply]

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