Shoftim 5772

Join Beth Tikkun as we study Parshah Shoftim 5772: Deuteronomy 17-21a.

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  1. by Tim Winkley

    On September 6, 2012


    Blessings and thanks to Beth Tikkun and you for all you do!

    You touched on something at the end of this teaching regarding the consumption of blood.

    I am ex Catholic. I find the “sacrifice of the eucharist” to be an abomination. I haven’t however been able to rectify in my mind the teaching of Yeshua “unless you eat my body and drink my blood…..” You said that the reason that we do not eat the blood of the animal is that we are not to mingle souls with the animal. That our life and breath as men has come from G-d.

    Can we assume then that what Yeshua taught at the Passover before he was hung on the tree, that to eat his body and drink his blood (figuratively) is to share in His mind, His will and His emotion?

  2. by Tim Winkley

    On September 6, 2012

    Grant, I am referring to Torah portion Re’eh, I posted in the wrong area.

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