2 Corinthians 4-5: Living in the 99% World

Join us as we dive into the particularly rich chapters of 2 Corinthians 4 and 5. Our focus is the transcendent life in Yeshua, being in the “tent” of this body but living beyond it. During our discussion, we discover that believers are allowed to groan – but only in regards to two topics. Video:  […]

May 7, 2021 in 2 Corinthians, Apostolic Writings, Media by

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Ephesians 1

This week we begin a new book of the Bible, Ephesians, sometimes referred to as the “Alps” of the Apostolic Scriptures. As we open this lofty Pauline letter written from prison, we first take some time to clarify several important terms, including “apostle,” “Christ,” and “mystery.” After setting this foundation, we refresh the vital but […]

November 17, 2019 in Apostolic Writings, Ephesians, Media by


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