Tazria 2018-19

Imagine a close-knit community in which God dwells tangibly and that, because of His presence, the residents live at such a level of holiness that sin becomes obvious in the body – there’s no hiding it. Israel has experienced something like this in the past, and we hope to one day experience it again. In portion Tazria, we read about the extraordinary gift called tzaraat, the umbrella term for these physical manifestations of spiritual disease.

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  1. by Grietha Du Plessis

    On April 9, 2019

    Hi Grant.Thank you so much for your teachings!!! I am from South Africa(Kroonstad) I was asking the question at our Torah group but we could not decide what the answer is.What is the implication of being unpure by touching a carcass or corpse in today’s time? And is touching meat or maybe a chicken to roast also considered touching a carcass in the woods?

  2. by L. Grant Luton

    On April 9, 2019

    Hi, Grietha! Great question. First of all, touching a dead carcass today does not affect us since EVERYONE is ritually impure. Until the priesthood is once again established and the ashes of a red heifer are available, ritual impurity remains our common state. However, those things will be reinstitute when Messiah returns (or, maybe, even before) and the ritual purity laws will once again be applicable (but only in the Land of Israel). As to what constitutes a carcass, any animal that is slaughtered according to the dictates of the Torah (Lev.17:13) is NOT a carcass. But, all animals that die by other means (natural causes, attack, etc.) are considered carcasses.
    I hope this helps! And please give my greetings to all my friends there in the Kroonstad group.

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