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In today’s Q&A teaching, we address three questions on the following topics: 1) differences between the Messianic and Evangelical followings of Yeshua, 2) the Jerusalem Council’s four essentials for Gentile believers, 3) the commandment to stone an adulterous woman (Deu 22).

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  1. by David Russell

    On June 15, 2020

    I have a couple questions for a future Q&A teaching, and am glad you are doing this series!
    1. Is it more a matter of perception that many Christians see the Torah, (law) as showing humanity how it falls short of God in Christ Jesus and our need for a Savior; Jews and Messianics may agree, but seem to regard Torah as instruction for personal conduct?
    2. On the heels of this is the division of the Torah by some believers into civil and ceremonial categories. How can we shrink this man-made partition so as to see the Torah as a whole and learn from each of the commandments therein?
    Thank you for your time and answers.

  2. by L. Grant Luton

    On June 18, 2020

    David, These are both great questions. But since I’m not sure I will be able to get to them in our Q&A series, I though I would address them here instead.
    1. I grew up hearing sermons about how God gave the “Law” simply to prove that we could not keep it (though I knew no one in the church who was trying). But think how silly such a notion is, AND how contrary to the teaching of the Word itself. I find nowhere in Scripture where God commands people to do what is impossible. That would be cruel. And even John tells us that God’s commandments are not “heavy”. (1 John 5:3) The Torah is not a hammer to crush us, but spiritual food to nourish and bless us. It proceeded from God’s mouth and, therefore, we are to live by it. What is truly impossible is trying to live life without Torah!
    2. The only people I am aware of who divide the Torah into the categories of moral, civil, and religious laws are those who are looking for a way to dodge its requirements in their own lives. They think that if they can categorize God’s instruction, then they can then deem one category as “ritual” and then dispense with it. (Very clever indeed!) But once a person awakens to the fact that God’s Torah is His eternal instruction to us, these artificial man-made partitions melt away. They were never real to begin with. They were created by people who try to partition their own lives into separate categories so as not to allow the “religious” to seep into the “civic”, or the spiritual into the mundane.

  3. by Heidi Schutte

    On June 19, 2020

    Good Morning Grant
    I enjoyed this message so much. I was wondering if you have any other notes / book on this matter. I am asking as I have lost 30% of my hearing and it is very difficult for me to hear everything that you are saying. I am new in this faith as I grew up in a Christian house. It is so frustrating not to be able to go to a Messianic Congregation as there are not many in South Africa. Here where I live I am the only one and I find it very difficult not having anyone to ask questions about my new Faith. I am very excited about all of this and listen and read anything that is available on the Net.
    Thank you so much for all your audio I appreciate them so much and enjoy every minute.

  4. by L. Grant Luton

    On June 19, 2020

    Dear Heidi, I wish I could simply refer you to a book or two that covers these topics, but unfortunately I can’t. This teaching was put together from a number of books that I have read over the years and not from one particular source. However, there is a small and very readable book that sums up the history of the relationship between Judaism and Christendom over the centuries: “How the Cross Became a Sword” (by Richard Booker). I hope you can find it there in South Africa. Speaking of which, where in S.A. do you live? There are many Messianic groups throughout your beautiful country and perhaps I can help you locate one. Shalom, Grant

  5. by Heidi Schutte

    On June 22, 2020

    Dear Grant
    I live in a very small town Paupietersburg in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.
    Thank you so much for replying I appreciate your time. I will definitely try to see if I can get hold of that book.
    Thank you so much
    Shalom Heidi

  6. by David Russell

    On June 25, 2020

    Good afternoon Grant and others,

    Thank you for answering my two questions in succinct fashion. I am about to listen to your third audio in this series concerning Bible Translations. To the person from South Africa, you are not alone in what you describe concerning Messianic fellowship. I am looking into participating in an online zoom/telephone study offered by another believer whose writing and knowledge is respected. Perhaps you can find something similar in your country.

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