Ve’etchanan 2018-19

As we begin this cycle’s teaching on portion Ve’etchanan, we examine the four ways we can mistreat God’s Word. We then look briefly at the “fish bowl” that tiny Israel is meant to be as a trading crossroads and the priestly nation. Finally, we spend the majority of the teaching focused on an intriguing and insightful difference in the 10 commandments as they occur in Exodus and Deuteronomy.

Visuals: Ve’etchanan 2018-19.pdf

Medios Visuales: Vaetjan√°n 2018-19.pdf

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  1. by Albert Visser

    On August 23, 2019

    Hi Grant I had this thought some time ago and maybe it will add some insight. We as humans only have Past tense and future tense but the present is very small. When you say pre sent Pre is on the past. If we say that God is the same and he knows everything even before I was born he knew about me. Then by definition God does not have a past or a future which means he has only present. So we are experiencing a small fraction of present and God is only present. We cannot even comprehend what that means

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