Beth Tikkun Messianic Siddur
Presented below are the weekday prayers from the Beth Tikkun Messianic Weekday Siddur. Beth Tikkun would like to thank our English friends Gary and Lynne Preston for lending their lovely voices to this project. If you would like to download the audio for offline use click the links bellow.

Morning Weekday Prayers
Bedtime Shema

Morning Weekday Prayers
On Waking
Putting on Tallit
Putting on Phylactery
Adon Olam
Morning Blessings
Accepting the Sovereignty of Heaven
The Coming of His Kingdom on Earth
Half Kaddish
1 Chronicles 16
Psalm 145
Psalm 146
Psalm 147
Psalm 148
Psalm 149
Psalm 150
1 Chronicles 29
Nehemiah 9
Exodus 14
Romans 8
Psalm 27
May Your Name be Praised
Blessings of the Shema
The Shema
Reward and Punishment
The Amidah
Bedtime Shema
Ribono Shel Olam
The Shema – Bedtime
Psalm 91


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Service Times & Directions

Weekly Shabbat Services

Prayer Time: 9:30 am

Morning Study: 11:00 am

Afternoon Oneg: 12:00 pm

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Southeast Church of the Nazarene
771 Dunbar Road
Talmadge, OH 44278.