Torah Project - Genesis

This series arose out of Grant’s desire to write a commentary on the Torah. Each week’s teaching will be based upon Grant’s progress on his writing project. Though he has taught through the Torah multiple times, these teachings will include many additional insights.

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Genesis 1a
 Genesis 1b
Genesis 1c
Genesis 1d-2a
Genesis 2b
Genesis 2c
Genesis 3a
Genesis 3b
Genesis 3c
Genesis 4a
Genesis 4b-5
Genesis 6a
Genesis 6b
Genesis 6c-7
Genesis 7b-8a
Genesis 8b-9
Genesis 9b
Genesis 10-11
Genesis 12
Genesis 13
Genesis 14
Genesis 15a
Genesis 15b
Genesis 16
Genesis 17
Genesis 18
Genesis 19
Genesis 20
Genesis 21a
Genesis 21b-22 (pt-1)
Genesis 21b-22 (pt-2)
Genesis 21b-22 (pt-3)
Genesis 23
Genesis 24
Genesis 25
Genesis 26
Genesis 27
Genesis 28
Genesis 29
Genesis 30
Genesis 30b-31a
Genesis 31b-32a
Genesis 32b-33a
Genesis 33b-34
Genesis 35a
Genesis 35b-36
Genesis 37a
Genesis 37b
Genesis 37c
Genesis 38
Genesis 39
Genesis 40
Genesis 41a & Hanukkah
Genesis 41b
Judah & Joseph
Genesis 42
Genesis 43a
Genesis 43b-44
Genesis 45
Genesis 46
Genesis 47
Genesis 48a
The Genesis of Passover
Genesis 49
Genesis 50


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