Genesis 35b-36

In this Torah Project teaching, we begin by digging into what appears to be a gratuitously inserted verse in the middle of Jacob’s narrative, a verse describing the death of Deborah, Rebekah’s nurse. The journey brings us to insights about the Word through topics as diverse as the “arks” of Moses and Noah, the only female judge of Israel, and how bees make honey. Later in the teaching, we draw out an important principle from the naming of Benjamin, and we look at “the unfinished verse,” Genesis 35:22.

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Medios Visuales: Gén 35b-36.pdf

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  1. by Dale Burns

    On October 9, 2017

    After many Father comparisons in previous chapters: Like Father Abraham to Father God and fathers Issac and Jacob (Israel).
    I’m happy that the balance has been reached! You shared the story of Rebecca’s nurse Deborah (or Devorah),
    on the feminine angle of being like God’s loving/nursing/caring side. El Shaddia, meaning “the breasted one”
    shows the nursing side of God to us. His true feminine side balances his true masculine side…but either way,
    God will always be “in balance” and he will help us to be “conformed to HIS image”.

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