Teaching Series on the Moedim

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Sukkot 2023
    Video (David):  Vimeo | YouTube

                Outline: Sukkot 2023-Outline.pdf

Yom Kippur 2023
    Video (David):  Vimeo | YouTube

                Outline: Yom Kippur 2023-Outline.pdf

Rosh Hashanah 2023
    Video (David):  Vimeo | YouTube

                Outline: Rosh Hashanah 2023-Outline.pdf

Shavuot 2023
    Video (David):  Vimeo | YouTube

                Outline: Shavuot 2023-Outline.pdf
                Discussion Guide: Shavuot 2023-Guide.pdf

Passover 2023
    Video (David):  Vimeo | YouTube

                Outline: Passover 2023-Outline.pdf

Tetzaveh & Purim (2023)
    Video (David):  Vimeo | YouTube

                Outline: Tetzaveh-Purim-Outline.pdf

Hanukkah 2022
    Video (Grant):  Vimeo | YouTube

                Discussion Guide: Hanukkah 2022 Discussion Guide.pdf
                Notes PDF: Hanukkah 2022 Notes.pdf

Sukkot 2022
        Video:  Vimeo | YouTube

                Discussion Guide: Sukkot 2022-guide.pdf

10th of Tevet
        Video:  Vimeo | YouTube

                  Visuals: 10th of Tevet.pdf

Boaz – The Kinsman Redeemer
        Video:  Vimeo | YouTube

                  Visuals: Boaz-Kinsman Redeemer.pdf

The New Earth: A Guide Book
        Video: Vimeo | YouTube

                  Visuals: New Earth-Guide Book.pdf

Sukkot-A Celebration of Victory
        Video: Vimeo | YouTube

                  Visuals: Sukkot 2020.pdf

The Shofar – Weapon of Light
        Video: Vimeo | YouTube

                  Visuals: Shofar-Weapon of Light.pdf

Shavuot 2020, Titus 3
      Video:  VimeoYouTube

                  Visuals: Titus 3.pdf

Yom Kippur 2019
Behar & Mo’edim
Sukkot 2018-Adam Haynes
Yom Kippur 2018
The Genesis of Passover
The Time for Pesach
Hanukkah 2017
Yom Kippur 2017
Dan and the Eclipse (Elul)
Tishah B’Av 2017
Shavuot – “Parallel Journeys”
The Seder – Three Voices
A Study in Esther (2017)
Hanukkah Insights 2016
Yom Kippur 2016
Moedim & Rosh Hashanah
 Sukkot 2015
 Yom Kippur 2010
Yom Kippur 2011
Esther 2011
Purim Part 1
Purim Part 2
Hanukkah 2012
Yom Kippur 2013
Sukkot 2013
Esther 2014
 Passover 2014
Passover 2012 Part 1
    Video:  Vimeo | YouTube
Passover 2012 Part 2
    Video:  Vimeo | YouTube
Yom Kippur 2014
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