Genesis 41a and Hanukkah

The heart of this Torah project teaching is the question “Can we survive as believers in such a fallen world where society is ever more quickly sliding into darkness?” In pursuit of an answer, we look in detail at the family God gives Joseph in Egypt: his wife Asenath, her father the Egyptian priest of On, and their sons Manasheh and Ephraim. Our journey brings us to the theme of releasing the past as a prerequisite for fruitfulness. Pursuing the family’s story further, we skip ahead to chapter 48, Israel’s adoption and blessing of the two boys.  Lastly, as we prepare for Hanukkah 2017, we apply the story of Hanukkah to this very pertinent question of spiritual survival in a world bent on choking out the Light.

Visuals: Genesis 41a and Hanukkah.pdf

Medios Visuales: Gén 41 y Jánuca.pdf

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  1. by Ellen DE Winnaar

    On December 4, 2017

    Oh Yes Lord, Amen!

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