Genesis 26

Join Beth Tikkun as we continue our  Torah Project series. In this lesson, we analyze the occasions when Abraham and Isaac referred to their wives as their sisters. This occurred three times, and in each case, God revealed the truth in a unique way. These beautifully foreshadow the three exiles of the Jewish people. We also discover an amazing menorah pattern that will focus our attention on the heart of the important issues addressed in chapters 21 to 26.

Visuals: Genesis 26

Medios Visuales: Gén 26

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  1. by Heather Gibson

    On February 5, 2019

    Grant: On the fifth page of the visuals are scriptures having to do with the word toldot. You didn’t have opportunity to teach on them, so I’m curious what the point was you were going to make and how it ties in with the rest of the lesson on the chapter. Thank you.

  2. by L. Grant Luton

    On February 5, 2019

    Heather, Thanks for asking your question. I remember that Shabbat morning when we just ran out of time. Anyway, in the visuals I listed several passages where the word toldot ‘generations’ appears in the Tanach. Though it is used 39 times, there are only two places where it is spelled with its full spelling (תולדות). (In all the other occurrences, it is spelled with only one vav.) These two occurrences are in Genesis 2:4 “…the generations of the heavens and the earth…”, and Ruth 4:18-22 “Now these are the generations of Perez…” culminating in the birth of David. In other words, the Tanach uses the full spelling of toldot only in reference to the creation of the world and the birth of David. Interesting, don’t you think? Shalom, Grant

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