6 Elementary Principles – Part 2

In this second teaching from Hebrews chapter 6, we focus on the first two elementary principles of the faith: 1) repentence from dead works and 2) faith toward God. In the usual Evangelical paradigm, these two principles seem to be reversed; faith should come before repentance, belief before action. In reality, the author of Hebrews lists repentence first because the Hebraic concept of “faith” is slightly different than our English word “faith.” Join us as we explore the relationship between these two fundamental teachings. The heart of this week’s lesson addresses the widespread teaching that overly emphasizes a prayer of salvation and underemphasizes a changed life. Such a misguided emphasis contributes to the plague of immaturity among believers today.

Visuals: 6 Elementary Principles Part 2.pdf

Medios Visuales: Enseñanzas Elementales Parte 2.pdf

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  1. by David Russell

    On August 30, 2018

    Shalom Grant and Beth Tikkun Congregation,
    I appreciate you making your teachings available online to folks like myself who are not near a Messianic congregation and yet value the Hebraic perspective on God’s Word. Your reading of the parable brought happiness to my heart for we who believe, and sadness for those who wait and still have the figurative veil over their eyes that Paul speaks of in his letter to the Romans.
    Our veil is to fall into arrogance or think we are “in” because we believe the right set of principles and things or were born in north America. Wise is the hymn writer who penned,
    Living He loved me, dying He saved me, rising He carried my sins far away.
    Praise and thank God!
    David Russell

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