Acts of the Apostles 5 – Part 1

Join Beth Tikkun as we study the Acts of the Apostles chapter 5.

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  1. by Allen

    On September 3, 2016

    Do you think it’s possible that “taking His name in vain” may also be accomplished by calling one’s self a follower of Elohim’s, and not doing what He commands? Like an “impostor ambassador”? Thoughts?

  2. by L. Grant Luton

    On September 4, 2016

    Allen, Yes, I do think that is a valid application of “taking His name in vain”. However, it is not exactly what was in view when the commandment was given. But (since you asked for my thoughts), though I agree with you, I constantly warn myself to be very careful in accusing others (either vocally or just in my heart) of not “doing what He commands”. I have found that some people have a greater capacity to obey than others. Some may actually be doing the best they can with all the strongholds they have in their souls. On the other hand, there are those who, like the hypocritical leaders who executed Yeshua, who kept the commandments perfectly, yet were considered by God to be great sinners. Judging another person’s obedience (or lack of obedience) can be a very complicated thing. Your thoughts?

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