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  1. by Tracy Jackson

    On November 13, 2014

    Just wanted to share a little Hebrew Gem with you from this portion of Genesis.

    So a friend brought to my attention that When God tells Noach to built the “Ark,” (Gen. 6:14) and any other time the word is used through the passage- it’s the Hebrew word Tevah (Box)….but when the Ark rested on the Mountains of Ararat, the word there for “Ark” changed to V’tenach (Gen 8:4). His point being that the last word is the same word as the Bible- TaNaKh with “and”-the “V” attached. Ok, so I went home to look at it myself. I saw that the last letter in 8:4 word was a Chet and not a Khaf soft….So I looked up each letter of both the Hebrew words, this was their meanings put together: Tevah = Redemptive house with a window. {This is WHAT Noach built!} And when the Ark rested, V’Tanach = Man’s monument of continued Grace! {After they left the Ark- it became a monument to look back on of God’s Grace!} English is BORING


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