Haf. Kedoshim (Ezekiel 22:1-16)

Join Beth Tikkun as we continue our study of the Haftarah portions for the 2013-14 Torah cycle. In this study we consider how God’s warnings to Israel apply equally to believers to today to turn from sin and become a holy people. We then look at Colossians 3 and see that the process of becoming a “new creation” is not instantaneous, but often slow and painful. In the visuals that accompany this teaching you will find many connections between the Haftarah and the Torah portion.


Visuals:  Haf. Kedoshim

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  1. by Pennie Cranham

    On May 5, 2014

    hi Grant ,
    its me again!!!
    a bit behind but just listened this wonderful teaching…..
    I wonder whether there is a tension of understanding what we describe when we speak of the reality of being a new creation? Given that Church is caught up with terminology that is all about improvement and trying, and the merry go round of failure v success, how relieved I was when I was taught not so many years ago that I AM a new creation and the old is buried with Yeshua and the new is the actuality of me rising with Him…….the working out is sort of independant of that that reality……my sin I still continue to do is no longer attached to me because I AM completely redeemed……that Abba gave us all the tools in His word in many different forms to learn from but my status is always as a new creation, my mirror is Yeshua ha Torah…..but sin is now klalal – it has no weight, no substance – of course when we choose to do it, and it is intentional then it affects both me and my brother but those things that are still hidden and unintentional we are separated from…… this was the amazing good news for me that transformed my life…..

  2. by Heather Gibson

    On May 2, 2022

    Grant: I’m listening to this teaching eight years after the date it was posted, and around the 25:30 mark, you’re expounding upon the quotation by R’ Joseph Breuer in which you mention a plan wherein the powers that be unleash a super plague upon the world to decrease the population. In light of what we’ve experienced since the plandemic was launched, it’s chilling to know that this actually occurred. And yet, I know HaShem is still in charge, so I take comfort in that.

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