Haftarah Tetzaveh 5765

Join Beth Tikkun as we study Ezekiel 43:10-27.

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  1. by Ann Green

    On April 16, 2016

    HI Grant
    What is your perspective on the third temple and the temple in the messianic age. I have heard some teachers say there will no temple or animal sacrifices in the future as that would invalidate the sacrifice of Yeshua. Would like to hear your thoughts on this matter. Thank you

  2. by L. Grant Luton

    On April 17, 2016

    Dear Ann, I know that it is popularly taught in churches that there will be no sacrifices in the messianic kingdom, but this simply flies in the face of Scripture. I think it is based upon an erroneous understanding of the sacrificial system, in the most Christians believe that the sacrifices had only to do with sin, and that Judaism teaches that the sacrifices were how the Jews procured forgiveness. This is not true. The sacrifices were mostly voluntary and were a way of expressing devotion to God and of drawing closer to Him. Even the sin offerings were only a way of expressing repentance, not procuring forgiveness. But this is too broad of a topic for an email. Let me point you instead to Jeremiah 33:14-22, which clearly describes that the Levitical priesthood and sacrificial system will be in operation during the messianic kingdom. You may also want to look at Ezekiel’s description of the Temple that will stand during that time and note that the altar will be in full use (Ezekiel 33). I think you will find these passages helpful in answering your questions. Shalom!

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