James 2 (Part 3)

Join Beth Tikkun as we continue our study in the book of James. In this study we look closely at the opening verses of Matthew 6, which is the counterpart to James 2. With the assistance of Watchman Nee we take an extensive look at what a “soulish” believer is and the dangers of being one.

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James 2 (Part 3)

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  1. by Charlotte Gunther

    On June 10, 2013

    How is the teaching, to “deliver one’s soul over to death” in order to live on a spiritual plane as did Yeshua, prefigured in Torah? i thought about it all day and decided that “You shall love the LORD your God with all your soul” is, at least, a partial answer. This is how one loves the LORD your God with all your soul. And Yeshua demonstrated it by offering himself to those who took his life.
    Are there other pictures of this in Torah?

  2. by L. Grant Luton

    On June 10, 2013

    Charlotte, I think you have it exactly. The way we deal with the soul is by loving God with all of it. And the way this is done was demonstrated by the Master when He yielded His body to death on the cross. When our soul/self demands its own way, we say ‘No, I love God and you are going to do things His way!’, and we fasten that willful urge to the cross firmly and permanently.

    You asked for how this total dedication of the soul is pictured in the Torah, and we have the entire sacrificial system that does just that. Consider that fact that no part of a sacrifice was wasted. Part of it went up to God on the fire of the altar; parts were eaten by the priest and the offerer; the hide was given to the priest, and even the ashes that remained were piled next to the altar. The Torah makes no mention of any of it being thrown away on the trash heap. This is how thorough our sacrifice of ourselves is meant to be. All is given and nothing is wasted.

  3. by Charlotte Gunther

    On June 10, 2013

    Thank you. saying that nothing is wasted when i offer up my soul is more comforting than saying i must offer my soul up to death 🙂 And it makes everything fit

  4. by Charlotte Gunther

    On June 11, 2013

    can you post the name of the song we sang, the scripture from Romans in Hebrew. can it be found on itunes?

  5. by L. Grant Luton

    On June 11, 2013

    YEs! The song is Im Elohim Itanu (“If God Is For Us”), and it is sung by the Zamru Lo Singers on the Album “Praise Live From Jerusalem” and is available on iTunes.

  6. by Charlotte Gunther

    On June 12, 2013


  7. by Charlotte Gunther

    On June 13, 2013

    i see that Peter & Paul explicate what Yeshua said about losing one’s life/soul

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