Mattot/Masei 2018-19

What’s special about 42, the number of Israelite encampments in the wilderness? We begin this year’s Mattot/Masei teaching by exploring this interesting number in Scripture. Moving on, we learn why it is that oaths and vows are discouraged in the Word. We then look at the special significance of God’s commandment to annihilate Midian and why it is so important for us to do the same today. Finally, we spend a significant portion of the teaching applying to our own lives in the body Reuben and Gad’s fateful decision to settle east of the Jordan.

Visuals: Mattot-MaseiĀ 2018-19.pdf

Medios Visuales: Matot-Masei 2018-19.pdf

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  1. by Roberto Avila

    On August 5, 2019

    What happens if you see both the young woman and the old woman at the same time? You don’t have to have this posted…

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