Preparing Spiritual Food

Join Beth Tikkun as chef Dan Remark shares a “juicy” teaching that reveals how culinary principles apply to the preparation of  spiritual food – God’s Word.

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  1. by Sharon Stern

    On November 12, 2016

    Thank you, Dan, for such a practical and tasty discussion of something I have always believed —- the gift of food, especially great food — the amazing explosion of taste has always been a spiritual experience for me. That food is such an immense pleasure in our lives can only be realized as a wonderful gift from our Heavenly Father who bestows nothing but good for His children. Your discussion is a clarion call for us to look at each and every activity of our daily lives as an opportunity to search out the spiritual applications we have to learn from them. I loved how you tied specific scriptures that dove tail with the science of cooking and the truths that the Word of G-d are teaching us. Your explanation of chametz/leaven/yeast —- the need to leave behind the old and to put on the new — a very helpful insight to what is an apparent contradiction and yet so very Hebraic, both yes and no at the same time! Depends on the circumstances.
    My final comment relates to the subject of the towla worm. Credit for the original research on this subject goes to Laura Ross and her amazing teaching as it pertains to the use of this term in Proverbs 31. I would like to add a few facts that she shared with us that have deeply touched my heart. When the mother towla worm finally dies after her new babies have literally auto-digested her, she turns into a white waxy substance that folds into the shape of a heart by the folding in of her tail and her head upon her body. The dried worm when it is crushed has a beautiful fragrance (2Cor 2:15). The crushed worm is also used to make medicine (Isa 53:5). And if that isn’t good enough, how about this – the scientific classification of this worm in the Latin vernacular is ‘coccus ilicis’ which translates – IT IS FINISHED! (Jn 19:30). As this mother offers up her life for the sake of her children; so does our Heavenly Father offer up the life of His one and only son to save all of His children. So, just one more time if we dig hard enough, HaShem uses His word to point us towards our precious Maschiach, Yeshua. You blessed me with this teaching as you have blessed me with your stupendous cooking. I thank HaShem for your talent, your heart, your family and your friendship.

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