Romans 2

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  1. by Alan

    On July 13, 2018

    Hi Grant, As always i enjoy listening to the teaching and find it really helpful and insightful. I just wanted to ask you about the subject of judging which is mentioned here. I believe we live in a time especially in Church circles where we are not encouraged to speak out on anything. Could you explain the difference between judging which you say we are not supposed to do and the of discerning and testing and weighing etc.
    For me, we are judging all the time. whether we sit down or stand up or taste food or go outside, judging is taking place – is it comfortable, does it taste ok, what sort of day is it etc. You get my point?
    With the current rise in LGBT and the whole transgender thing, we are told as Christians that we should not judge. Could you help please. When Jesus spoke of not judging lest you be judged, I thought He was talking about hypocritical judging. Every blessing

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