The Messianic Life

In today’s Q&A teaching, we address three questions on the following topics: 1) differences between the Messianic and Evangelical followings of Yeshua, 2) the Jerusalem Council’s four essentials for Gentile believers, 3) the commandment to stone an adulterous woman (Deu 22). Video:  Vimeo |  YouTube To download visuals, right-click the PDF file and save. Visuals: […]

June 7, 2020 in Media, Q&A by


Genesis 23

Join Beth Tikkun as we continue our  Torah Project series. In this lesson, we address the insidious doctrine or Supersessionism, or, better known as Replacement Theology. We go into detail concerning the history and horror of Christendom’s self-inflicted wound, and see how chapter 23 can be misused to support it. But, we end on a note of hope, […]

April 29, 2017 in Genesis, Media, Torah Project by

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