Terumah 2018-19

Join Beth Tikkun for a discussion of Parshah Terumah, a portion focused on the construction of the Tabernacle. As we explore this God-designed teaching picture – the lengthiest topic in the Torah – we begin with a brief look at each of the various elements of the Tabernacle. We then examine several patterns and teachings present in this dwelling place for God, including the elevation of the mundane, God’s indwelling of our lives, the human being pictured in the Tabernacle, and God’s foundational pattern of “1 becomes 2 becomes 1.” Finally, we look at “faulty mishkans,” tabernacles missing elements representing common areas of lack in the human being.

Visuals: Terumah 2018-19.pdf

Medios Visuales: Terumá 2018-19.pdf

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  1. by Janet

    On February 16, 2019

    One small question, you mentioned that Aaron’s staff that budded, was inside the ark. In Number’s 17:10 it was put in front of the ark. Was that a mistranslation, or was it later put inside the ark? Thanks.

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