Tzav 2018-19

We begin this year’s teaching on portion Tzav by asking the question, “What does the commandment to the priests regarding daily removal of the sacrificial ashes have to do with my life as a living sacrifice?” Meditation on such questions leads to great insight as we apply even the seemingly most obscure commandments to our own lives. Moving deeper into the Torah portion, the bulk of this teaching centers on the choice we have to engage the drives of the body or those of the spirit. We find in Amalek and Haman a clear picture of how this world expresses the choice for the physical, and we find in Abraham the choice for the spiritual. Along the way we explore the Hebrew words “derech/darach,” “Amalek,” and “adam,” along with the physical/spiritual expressed in the human being, the Tabernacle design, the breastplate, and the elements of the outer court.

Visuals: Tzav 2018-19.pdf

Medios Visuales: Tzav 2018-19.pdf

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