Vayigash 2021

One of the most dramatic Torah portions, parsha Vayigash witnesses Joseph reveal himself to his brothers. In this week’s teaching, we puzzle through Joseph’s strange treatment of his brothers leading up to this revelation, we look at secrets connecting the Tetragrammaton to the names “Judah” and “David,” we hear several fascinating quotes from rabbis regarding the revelation of the Messiah, and we consider the symbolism of Benjamin.

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Visuals: Vayigash 2021.pdf

Medios Visuales: Vayigash 2021.pdf

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  1. by Lynn Petzer

    On December 19, 2021

    Blessed all the way from South Africa
    Thx for your teachings from Genesis to Revelation…

    Was desperate to truly understand Gods word –
    Thx for Solid teachings

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