Kedoshim 2018-19

Our focus for Torah portion¬†Kedoshim is holiness, the meaning of this portion’s Hebrew name. We begin by pointing out that chapters 18 and 20 share much of the same content regarding forbidden sexual relationships with at least 2 important differences that speak to how children suffer in societies riddled with sexual perversion. The bulk of this teaching centers on how the many commandments in chapter 19 apply to us today.

Visuals:  Kedoshim 2018-19.pdf

Medios Visuales: Kedoshim 2018-19.pdf


  1. by Janet

    On May 18, 2019

    Grant, wonderful sermon. I struggle daily with Lashon Hara. I read the Chofetz Chaim (though not daily). While I do better for a while, I catch myself saying something carelessly. Does it get easier, if so, how many decades does it take.

  2. by L. Grant Luton

    On May 18, 2019

    Janet, Yes. It does get easier. (So I have been told.)

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