Shemini 5772

Join Beth Tikkun as we study Parshah Shemini 5772: Leviticus 9-11.

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  1. by Tim Winkley

    On April 27, 2012


    Thanks so much for your work and commitment! I want offer a couple of comments.

    First, when I read over the sacrifices and offerings I tend to move way too quickly and not consider the implications of what was occurring. I am not a big hunter, nor much of a livestock farmer, but I have slaughtered some animals. Needless to say, emotionally and physically it is a hard task, especially when it is an animal that I raised.

    With that in mind, I try to picture what was occurring during those times. The reward of such, however, was that they were visited by G-d. His glory settled on them. That must have been something! He appeared to them. Yes, it was a messy endeavor but they had something concrete that they could do and G-d responded with His presence. Wow! I think of the verse “for unto them were committed the oracles of G-d”.

    The second thing is you mentioned addictions and clean foods. We live in a culture where we have had an abundance of foods at our disposal for a long time. Most of us in our lifetime have never known hunger. This is a blessing, I guess. Our culture has a weak grasp on self control in the food arena. I have found that though I eat clean foods, if I overeat them, it feels unclean.

    Many that observe the clean food laws still are plagued with obesity, diabetes and all kinds of other common diseases. We have a lady that attends our congregational meeting that is constantly harping about the sinfulness of alcohol (I don’t believe the substance is the issue but the behavior). She is very overweight.

    May our Creator help us to see that our addictions can manifest in many forms. I find that I experience much more of a closeness to the Lord when I exercise strict self control in what I consume. It is very close to experiencing His Glory. I go back and forth though.

    The Hebrews gave the best portion of their flock at times to experiencing that Glory, I pray that I put such a value on the opportunity that I would at least have a some self control when it comes to consumption.

  2. by Tim Winkley

    On April 27, 2012

    “I find that I experience much more of a closeness to the Lord when I exercise strict self control in what I consume.”

    It would be better said “I experience much more of a closeness when I watch how much I consume”.

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