Vayishlach 2018-19

At the end of Jacob’s wrestling match in portion Vayishlach, God changes his name to “Israel.” Why, then, does the Torah often continue to call him “Jacob”? In this week’s teaching, we talk about this question and discuss 6 important principles gleaned from this patriarch’s famous contest with the God of the universe.

Visuals: Vayishlach 2018-19.pdf

Medios Visuales: Vayishlaj 2018-19.pdf

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  1. by Susan Brown

    On November 26, 2018

    Good Morning , I just want to thank you for a great teaching once again ..I love the visuals as well and please keep insisting on your congregation to use the micro phone , Alot of time they are asking the questions I ask ,so it’s great to hear their questions I have told so many people of your teachings and I bought 5 books of In His Own Words AMAZING READ…..WOW
    Orleans Ont Canada

  2. by Susan Brown

    On November 26, 2018

    I Have heard some Rabbi’s say
    That Job’s wife didn’t say” curse God and die “but
    Actually says” Bless God and die”.
    Curse in hebrew Barak ? Curious what do you think ?

  3. by L. Grant Luton

    On December 24, 2018

    Dear Susan, Please forgive my tardy response to your question. I was in Israel when you sent it, and somehow it slipped through the cracks when I got home. Anyway, you are quite right. The word Job’s wife uses – ברך (bareich) does literally mean “to bless”. However, it is obvious from her mocking tone she was saying this in a blasphemous way, as is reflected by Job’s response in 2:10. A better translation than “curse”, then, would be “blaspheme”. Hope this helps and isn’t too late! Shalom, Grant

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